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Overview of SSD and SSI

The SSI and SSD programs send payments to Americans that have a qualifying disability preventing them from holding full-time employment. However, SSI and SSD have distinct differences. SSD represents a safety net for disabled Americans that have developed a disability that prevents them from working. On the other hand, SSI is an insurance program covering Americans with serious disabilities that have never worked or who do not have the work history or “credits” to qualify for SSD. SSI also provides financial help to elderly Americans that live in poverty.

Obtaining SSD Benefits

In addition to suffering from a debilitating disability, SSD applicants must also have paid into the Social Security system through employment taxes. Here are the three conditions that qualify Americans for SSD benefits:
  • • Unable to perform on the job
  • • Suffer from a disability that a healthcare specialist says will last at least one year
  • • Have a medical condition that makes it impossible to adjust to other types of work
The SSA also uses a complex formula to assign work credits for every SSD applicant. One of our Ohio licensed Social Security attorneys can help you determine the number of work credits you have earned to qualify for SSD benefits.

Documents Needed for an SSD Application

The SSA requires SSD applicants to submit several documents that present a convincing case to receive SSD benefits. As the most important batch of documents, medical records should include the official diagnosis from a licensed and certified medical practitioner. Medical records also determine whether your disability symptoms match the symptoms of your illness or injury as listed in the SSA Blue Book.

Employment records gives the SSA details about the amount of money you have lost because of your disability. Documentation of financial assets, such as bank and retirement accounts, should also accompany the documents you submit with your SSD application.

Qualifying for SSI

SSI applicants must meet an important financial criterion. “Countable resource” cannot exceed $2,000 for single applicants and $3,000 for married applicants. “Countable resource” include the following financial assets:
  • • Stocks
  • • Bonds
  • • Savings account
  • • Personal property
  • • Easy to liquidate into cash assets
SSI applicants must also be at least 65 years old, suffer from partial or total blindness, or have a disability lasting more than one year that has prevented them from working.

Learn More about Social Security Benefits

The process for having the SSA approve SSD or SSI benefits can take a considerable amount of time. You have to meet deadlines to keep the process moving forward. A team of Social Security lawyers ensures you meet every deadline, as well as present the documentation required to get your application approved by the SSA.

At Shapiro, Marnecheck & Palnik, one of our Social Security lawyers will meet with you to review your documentation and to discuss the best course of action. Timing is everything for a Social Security disability case, and our team of experienced Social Security lawyers keeps your case moving through the SSA system. If the SSA denies your disability application, you can expect our team of Social Security attorneys to file a timely appeal.

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