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One work-related injury can leave you out of work for months, and your household out of an income. Many injured workers face the challenge of transitioning from a steady paycheck to medical bills and lost wages. Not to mention all of the work around the house and family commitments that an injured worker may not be able to fulfill.

As an employee, you should have access to workers' compensation benefits to quickly recover from a workplace injury and have some stream of income. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case anymore. The workers' compensation system has made it a challenge, if not impossible, for victims of work-related accidents and injuries to get the financial and medical support they need.

What is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation is a form of insurance which Ohio requires businesses to carry to protect their employees who experience work-related injuries and illnesses.  Ohio requires that every business that employs one or more people to carry workers' compensation insurance. Workers compensation covers lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilition,  retraining and even death benefits which result from a  work-related accident.

When Do Employees Have a Right to File for Workers' Comp?

All employees, including you, have the right to file a workers' compensation claim whenever they sustain an injury because of the work environment. You also have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim if you've contracted an illness because of your workplace, i.e. Covid-19, Caronavirus, Asbestosis or any other occupational disease.

As the victim, you can file your own workers' compensation claim online through the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation or we at Shapiro, Marnecheck & Palnik are here to help you with the application.

SMP Law Helps Employees Get The Maximum Benefits

With today’s Workers’ Compensation it is guaranteed that if you file for workers' compensation on your own you will not receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled.  The Bureau of Wokers’ Compensation has hundreds of attorneys working to deny you benefits.  Your employer will have teams of attorneys working to deny you workers’ compensation benefits.  Your employer may even fire you because you were injured at work, rather than offer assistance.  Shapiro, Marnecheck & Palnik works one-on-one with work-related injury victims and fight to prove that the injury happened on the job and that you have a right to access 100% of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation claims are often denied because the employer lies and refuses to acknowledge that the injury happened or that it happened at work. Employers are motivated to lie, cheat and fight o try to save money as each workers’ compensation claim negatively affects their insurance premiums.  Employers will routinely fight to ensure you can't get the necessary medical treatment needed, access benefits needed to pay your bills or medical care critical to your recovery to save them money.  You need legal counsel to expose this situation and come out with the most favorable outcome.

Additionally, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation will deny you benefits because your  application is incomplete, or suspected to be inaccurate. These are similar to issues that you may have experienced when applying for SSI or SSDI, where one minor detail can derail your application.  Shapiro, Marnecheck & Palnik will guide you through this intentional beurocratic maze.

What Do We Do?

  We protect Ohio’s hardworking people. At Shapiro, Marnecheck &Palnik, you can have some peace in knowing that you’ve hired an aggressive and effective team with over 100 years of combined experinece.

Our team is here and ready to guide you through the road to recovery. We will help you fight to receive all the financial and medical help you deserve, allowing you to focus on your health and recovery.

Ohio workers who are injured on the job have every right to workers' compensation benefits. You should receive nothing less than high-quality health care and know that their medical bills will be covered. Getting hurt on the job in Ohio shouldn't mean going weeks or months without income for your family. Our workers' compensation attorneys fight for the victim to receive full compensation benefits, including lost wages, medical bills, and other disability benefits caused by workplace injuries.

At Shapiro, Marnecheck &Palnik, you will receive nothing but the best legal care with our team of skilled attorneys working aggressively for you. Contact our law offices today for a free consultation.